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DIY Trends: Learn to Batik Your Own Custom Designs on Fabric

After you’ve aced the dip dye, perfected the ombre and can tie dye with your eyes closed, the next step up the DIY dying ladder is a technique called batik, and it might just be the coolest one yet. Batik is a traditional Indonesian method for creating designs on fabric using wax and dye. The wax prevents the dye from seeping into the parts of the fabric it’s placed on, creating two-toned (or even more!) custom patterns on pillows, clothes and much more. And the designs can be as insanely intricate as you can imagine, from tribal-inspired patterns to starry constellations!

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Batik Prints: Dyeing How-Tos

Once a pastime of Indonesian court ladies, traditional batik can be a laborious craft: A single yard of the most sumptuous Javanese pattern might take up to a year to produce, as the fabric is successively rewaxed and dyed. But with our quick method, using kitchen tools and other household items as wax stamps, you’ll be able to make a collection of bright bandannas in just a few hours or decorate a set of summer table linens in a day or two.

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#DIY: Stamped Napkins – #Simple #Art

• Linen Napkins (mine were DIY no-sew linen napkins)
• Speedball Speedy-Carve Block
• Linoleum Cutter (I used this Speedball cutter)
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#DIY: String Heart – Gift for loved ones

#DIY: String Heart – Gift for loved ones

Hi peeps, was researching on what to post on the DIYs page today and i stumble upon this beautiful simple DIY string work. You can repurpose this concept to any form you like. It is actually beautiful. I bet you will agree with me when you see this.

Materials Needed:
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A few weeks ago, after what seemed like a never-ending decor battle with my console table design layout {I know, so dramatic}, I decided that the wall above it, which is part of it, needed something that was pretty enough to draw attention but not so much as to distract the eye. It seemed like every mirror or work of art I hung or placed there became the focal point of the room, creating too much fuss, and it just wasn’t working for me. It was then that I decided I needed something similar in color to the wall rather than contrasting it… and then as if from the heavens above, it finally hit me. A Juju hat was the obvious answer.

Since around 2006 or so, I’ve been spotting these amazingly gorgeous, colorful and textured circular feather wall art pieces in decor magazines and then of course, on the internet. It wasn’t until recently, though that I learned that they are actually African headdresses, traditionally worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa. The feathers are supposed to be symbolic of prosperity, and represent the wealth of positive qualities associated with birds. Also known as a Juju Hat, it is only recently that they have been used as wall art in high-end homes, and cost anywhere from $300-$1300 dollars each. Continue reading FEATHER WALL ART DIY AFRICAN JUJU HAT TUTORIAL

25 DIY Wall Art Ideas

25 DIY Wall Art Ideas

Are you staring at blank walls, wondering how to fill the empty space? It’s too bad affordable quality art is so hard to find…or is it? Why not take matters into your own hands? With the right supplies, who knows what’s possible? Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just can’t find the right wall art for your space, the DIY ideas below are sure to spark your creativity!


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